Civil Union

The Civil Union Law of 2015 (184(Ι)/2015) entered into force on the 9/12/2015.

The purpose of the Civil Union Law (hereinafter referred to as the “Law”), in accordance with Article 3 of the Law, is to regulate the terms and legal effects of a Cohabitation Policy for the parties both during and after its expiration.

The conditions for concluding a Civil Union are provided in Article 5 of the Law. Failure to comply with the conditions may result to a void or annullable Civil Union within the meaning of the Law.

The main condition in order to conclude a Civil Union in accordance with the provisions of the Law, it is required the free consent of the persons who intend to enter into (Article 5 (1) of the Law).

The main responsibility for the conclusion of the Civil Union is attributed to the Registrar who is the District Officer.

The proceedings take place exclusively by prior appointment at the district of residence of one of the persons concerned or, in case the persons concerned do not permanently reside in Cyprus, at the district of their free choice, with the presence of two witnesses.

Once before the Registrar, the persons concerned submit a completed and signed form titled Form of Civil Union. Along with this form, each person has to submit the following documents:

  1. a) A valid identity card or passport or another equivalent travel document,
  2. b) An Affidavit (Declaration under Oath) stating that the person concerned – i. has not contracted any other marriage or Civil Union currently in force, ii. is not aware of any legal impediment or obstacle to contracting a Civil Union, iii. has secured all necessary consents required or that no such consent is required.

(c) a duly certified original or a copy of a Non-Impediment Certificate (NIC) or any other duly certified original equivalent certificate issued by the competent authorities of the country of origin of each person wishing to contract a Civil Union.

With the filling of the above documents, the parties have to pay 90 EURO to contract a Civil Union and the procedure is concluded.

The Civil Union, between the parties, can be dissolved with a written common statement of the parties which shall be given in person before the Registrar of the district where the Civil Union was contracted and in the presence of two witnesses who completed 18 years of age and are of sound mind. The act of dissolving the Civil Union enters into force 60 days after the registration of the Common Statement.

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