Visa Application in Cyprus

Foreigners who are interested to visit Cyprus either to work or for holidays, for business, studying or even to visit their relatives, need to be sure whether they need to apply for a visa before they will come to Cyprus and further if they need to apply for a visa, which category will follow and for how long will be allowed to stay in Cyprus.

By visiting the website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Cyprus, you can find out whether you are required to possess a visa to enter the Republic of Cyprus.

If you are travelling to the Republic of Cyprus for reasons other than immigration, and your visit does not exceed three months, you might need a travel visa. The travel visa gives you the right for a continuous visit or several visits to Cyprus. The duration of visits in total should not exceed three months in any half of a year from the date of the first visit. In general, the short-stay Cyprus visa is issued for one or several visits.

In case you need to come to Cyprus often (business trips etc.) it is possible to get a multiple-entry visa for several visits. The multiple-entry Cyprus visa is valid for one year. In exceptional cases, it might be valid for more than a year but no more than five years for certain categories of persons.

However, if you are planning to stay in Cyprus for more than three months you will have to apply for a long-stay visa.

Today third-country nationals have several options of obtaining permission to enter the Republic of Cyprus:

  1. Visa (sticker in a tourist’s passport)
    • Short-stay or travel visa, multiple-entry visa (C), the total period of stay must not exceed 90 days in any 180-day period. Multiple-entry visas can be issued for up to 3 years and in exceptional cases up to 5 years at the discretion of the Consul General.
    • Long-stay visas, if you are planning to stay for more than 3 months in the Republic of Cyprus, i.e. student visa, work permit, Cyprus residence.
    • Airport Transit Visa (ATV), the requirement to have this visa is an exception to the general right to transit without a visa through Cyprus.
  2. Pro-visa, is issued for a single entry with the right to stay up to 90 days. Duration of stay may not exceed 90 days during any 180-day period.
  3. Transit visas, if you are traveling from one country to another country and you have to pass through the territory of the Republic of Cyprus, to do so you might need a Transit Visa. This visa may be issued for one transit, or exceptionally for several transits. The duration of each transit case should not exceed five days.
  4. Group visas, this is a transit visa or a visa limited to a maximum of thirty days.
  5. Student visa is issued for a specific educational institution. In case of the foreign student deciding to change an educational institution, one must then obtain a new residence permit. School attendance is compulsory.

Foreign citizens may make an application to obtain an Immigration Permit on the basis of one of the Categories referred to in Regulation 5 of the Aliens and Immigration Regulations of 1972. An immigration permit will not be granted to anybody unless the Immigration Control Board recommends to the Minister of Interior that such person belongs to one of the following categories:

  1. Category A: Persons who intend to work as self-employed in agriculture, cattle breeding, bird breeding or fish culture in the Republic of Cyprus.
  2. Category B: Persons who intend to work as self-employed in mining enterprises in the Republic of Cyprus.
  3. Category C: Persons who intend to work as self-employed in a trade or profession in the Republic of Cyprus.
  4. Category D: Persons who intend to work as self-employed in a profession or science in the Republic of Cyprus.
  5. Category E: Persons who have been offered permanent employment in the Republic, which will not create undue local competition.
  6. Category F: Persons who possess and have fully and freely at their disposal a secured annual income, high enough to give them a decent living in Cyprus, without having to engage in any business, trade or profession.

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